Danielle da Palma

Individual office - Dedicated counseling both in english and in french

Danielle da Palma
Attorney at Law
  • Intellectual property: Brands, copyright, patents, digital contents
  • Data protection : counsel, DPO
  • Company and business-specific laws and regulations
  • Labour law

Intellectual property

The firm intervenes in all areas of Intellectual Property : copyright, trademarks, patents.

It helps you to protect your creations for the process in the use and exploitation (drafting of assignment of rights agreements, of partnership, of distribution, trademark licensing agreement…) and for the defence of your rights (counterfeiting, unfair and parasitic competition).

The firm intervenes in the area of new technologies, for the protection of digital contents (webcasting, software programs, e-trading).

It also intervenes in the area of protection of privacy and of personal law.

Personnal data protection : counsel, implementation and compliance procedure of GDPR, DPO

The firm intervenes in the implement of GPDR rules.

it ensures trainings sessions, it advises you and can draft reports or procedures, it can accompany you in the implementation process of compliance, on an ad-hoc or follow-up basis. It can be appointed as external DPO.

Company and business-specific laws and regulations

The firm advises in commercial law matters, for drafting contracts, partnership agreements or in the economic field, as a counsel or in litigation (debt recovery, abusive break in trade relations, unfair competition).

It also advises in company law matters, such as incorporation,deafting of shareholders agreement or for disputes concerning the life of the company.

Labour law

The firm intervenes to advise you in the field of labour law, for drafting work contracts, in the procedures for termination of the employment contract, negociation and drafting of contractual termination agreements and for litigation.

About me

In collaboration with Vershueren & Partners.

Avenue Louise 200 – 1050 Bruxelles

My professional career was marked by the meetings I made in the lawfirms in which I practised but also by mobility and working with international structures.

Working in an individual pratice since September 2018, my firm advises and accompanies individuals and companies in the fields of intellectual property, data protection, commercial law and labour law in a personalized way and with great availlibility.

In collaboration with Maître Paul-Alexandre JANSSENS, partner of VERSCHUEREN & Partners in Brussels.